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Friday, October 11, 2019

Helloice hip hop jewelry

ENG: Hello my friends. Welcome to my blog. 
Today I want to represent you online Hip Hop jewelry shop called Helloice.
This is a top-notch jewelry brand that provides luxury jewelry for the man. This brand and products choice centers around simplicity, urban living, and uniqueness. Helloice brand identifies with street culture, hip hop, and style fluidity.
Real Hip Hop Jewelry is not just any jewelry brand. They are a branding that employs the use of highly authentic materials and an experienced array of Goldsmiths with unmatchable craftsmanship. Their goal is to provide the most fashionable design, they work with an extremely creative team that generates modern and creatives designs for every of their product. The great thing is that they have free shipping.   

If you are looking for Hip Hop Pendants or Hip Hop Chains this is a perfect shop for you. They have amazing pendants, chains, customized jewelry, bracelets, watches, earrings, and rings. Also, you can make your own set with any two pendants plus any two chains. 
Let me show you some favorites:

1. Iced Leopard Pendant
Look like Drizzy with their new Iced Leopard Pendant. This piece is flooded with hand-set stones, to keep it shining from all angles. Only available at Helloice, this unique piece will set you apart from the rest. Bringing this new piece to your life today.

2. Multi-colored Takashi Murakami Panda Pendant
This piece is flooded with hand-set stones, to keep it shining from all angles.

3. 2,5mm 18k Gold Finish s925 Silver Franco Chain

Introducing the gold Franco chain. Crafted from S925 Silver this chain is PVD plated in 18k gold, similar to the plating used in many high-end watches. It's the most advanced plating technology available ensuring a strong, durable and long-lasting finish. Order yours today!

4. 6mm s925 Silver Tennis Necklace
Featuring a 6 mm tennis style necklace, this s925 silver Cubic Zirconia Stones chain includes a single row of round-cut, clear Cubic Zirconia Stones held on a prong setting. The 925 sterling silver and round cut Cubic Zirconia Stones give you that bling-bling effect that'll keep the light dancing around your neck.

5. 14mm Iced Two-Tone Cuban Link Chain-Mint Green and Silver
This chain is sure to be a classic. With its Cuban links, this chain remains stylish no matter what you wear. Crafted from sterling silver, this Cuban chain is plated in 18k gold, using the most modern plating technology available 

Do you like the items shown above?
What is your favorite item?

Don' forget to visit HelloIce site for more amazing Hip Hop jewelry items.

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Thank you, see you in next post!
Minnie Art


  1. Hola Mina!! Las joyas son preciosas, aunque no me ha gustado que un hombre la lleve. ¡Fantástico post! Besos!!Besos!!

  2. Very cool. I like the triple chains necklace.


  3. Me encantan los colgantes del oso panda. Besos!!

  4. The designs are really wonderful! Hope you are having a great weekend :)

  5. Interesting jewelries for a gift.

  6. Very cool jewelry! Love the 80's vibes.


  7. Looks amazing, great post! ♡ I´m following you now ♡
    What A Fancy World

  8. The jewelry looks great, my fave would be the third one,
    the gold chain, it looks great on man or woman ♥


  9. Wow, looks interesting!  


  10. These are lovely accessories I must say.


  11. Very cool accessories, I liked!


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